Designing a mid-scale meta strategy

Thinking BIG, Starting Conceptually Bite-Sized

The thought of significant change on a mass scale seems overwhelming to most. The response this tends to produce is either “What will the governments do?” or “What can I as an individual do?”

With the BCC we can inquire, what can a couple hundred thousand people in a land based network do? What can a couple million people in a land based network do? These offer us very different possibilities.

Another thing that happens time and again when we talk about how we can make the changes needed for the challenges we face is that the conversation inevitably come around to “How do we get people to?…” We can side step this incredibly limiting dilemma by starting at this niche scale. We do not need everybody on board to initiate the journey. Those that have the vision, capacity and commitment can embark on this collaborative design process and can then offer viable and tangible examples and opportunities for engagement.

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