The network feeds the emerging culture

There are two main ways of looking at flow in the context of the BCC. One is redirecting flow from the descending paradigm (DP) into the emergent culture. Two being flows within the BCC itself. Our aim is to starve the DP and feed the emergent. The current paradigm inhibits and siphons the flow, whereas flows into and within the emergent culture crowd funds a new reality.

There are many ways that flow is represented within BCC, as movement within the network, as a social movement and in the ways in which we mobilize. It is information flows, focused flows of pooling resources, the development and circulation of social capital.

The BCC is offered as an additional strategy for cultural evolution. We are not intending to abandon the process of "greening the descending paradigm” as it is already the game in play and a way that the masses can engage. However, the longer we prop up the descending paradigm, the longer we experience violence, environmental destruction and heart breaking tragedies as a result. 

The BCC transcends the DP by allowing us to be in sync with cosmic flows of maximum evolutionary potential.