Evolutionary Strategies, Visionary Design

Bio Cultural Corridor

“A comprehensive, networked, back to the land social movement”


This Is A Social Permaculture Design

The Bio Cultural Corridor (BCC) is a collaborative design template; a unified conceptual framework empowering us to effectively organize and to make a quantum leap in cultural evolution. It is deeply imperative with the challenges that we face that we move well beyond the surface level paradigm modification of mass culture.

The BCC serves this purpose as an evolutionary branching off; a bifurcation that provides an appropriate context and scale to effectively design culture from a fresh foundation. This distinction between greening the descending paradigm and emergent culture is essential. It is comprehensive in that this vision encompasses radical preparedness in unstable times with immediate land access for large scale restoration to food security and biological sanctuary.

By designing culture from a fresh foundation we can address issues at a core level, and fully utilize whole systems design. With this we can truly design culture from our highest vision, a vision worthy of our emergent level of consciousness and greatest potential.

Primary Design Considerations


Cultural Design.
Beyond the descending paradigm.


Designing a mid-scale meta strategy.


The network feeds the emerging culture.


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